Katrina Brundage

Innovation. Law. Data. Design.

Katrina Brundage is a data scientist and legal analytics professional, with a J.D. and M.S. in Business Analytics from Michigan State University. She is passionate about using innovation, law, data, and design to improve legal services and access to justice. Katrina is a Data Scientist & Legal Analyst at Juristat, a legal tech company that develops predictive models on the behavior of judges, patent examiners, attorneys, and other entities. Katrina also consults with trial courts to develop court management analytics. 

Big Data Opportunities for Lawyers

The United States government is focused on Big Data—and paying to harness it. Those who are savvy to this movement stand to gain both influence and business within the government. They can also help themselves and their clients to withstand the scrutiny that is coming from the government engaging better information.
— "Government Big Data Presents Opportunities for Lawyers"--Patrick Norman, Law Technology News

With businesses and government focused on using big data to gain insights and efficiency, the opportunities for lawyers to become big data experts are quickly growing. In the article above, Patrick Norman of Law Technology News discusses the opportunities for tech and data savvy attorneys to advise clients on the legal concerns surrounding big data. The collection and analysis of big data is becoming more pervasive every day and so are the legal consequences. Lawyers who can effectively navigate this complex area of technology and the law will be in high demand. 

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