Katrina Brundage

Innovation. Law. Data. Design.

Katrina Brundage is a data scientist and legal analytics professional, with a J.D. and M.S. in Business Analytics from Michigan State University. She is passionate about using innovation, law, data, and design to improve legal services and access to justice. Katrina is a Data Scientist & Legal Analyst at Juristat, a legal tech company that develops predictive models on the behavior of judges, patent examiners, attorneys, and other entities. Katrina also consults with trial courts to develop court management analytics. 

Designing Your Mission

A few weeks ago, our Design Thinking professor Josh Kubicki sent us on a design challenge and asked us to engage in an exploration exercise that charged us with exploring the challenge without self-editing. In reflecting on this exercise, I was brought back to my pre-law school professional experience. Before attending law school, I spent several years working on building non-profit youth education and leadership programs in the community I where I was doing my undergrad studies.

In the article below, I discuss the exploration process through the lens of reflecting on how my passion for working with youth turned into my mission with the organization I was working with. This mission ultimately lead to my career inspiring mission to define problems and design solutions. The article also includes insights on the exploration process from several of my other colleagues in the class.