Katrina Brundage

Innovation. Law. Data. Design.

Katrina Brundage is a data scientist and legal analytics professional, with a J.D. and M.S. in Business Analytics from Michigan State University. She is passionate about using innovation, law, data, and design to improve legal services and access to justice. Katrina is a Data Scientist & Legal Analyst at Juristat, a legal tech company that develops predictive models on the behavior of judges, patent examiners, attorneys, and other entities. Katrina also consults with trial courts to develop court management analytics. 


Business Analytics

  • Conducted data analysis for several Juristat publications,  including Foreign Priority Applications at the USPTO (co-authored with Tristan Gray-LeCoz).
  • Consulted for a local court to determine the effectiveness of a pilot program for indigent criminal defense during arraignment proceedings. Project included mining data from the court record database, managing a data collection team of 5 interns, designing statistical models to evaluate the program goals, and data visualization.
  • Social media data mining using Twitter APIs and Python: Sample code
  • Projects:
    • Consulted with USAA on a customer transaction and demographic segmentation project.
    • Legislative Impact on Tobacco Usage Rates--a project analyzing the correlation and impact of smokefree indoors and tax legislation at the state level on tobacco usage rates. 
    • 2015 SAS Analytics Shootout: Modeled solar energy production using ordinary least squares and weighted least squares linear regression modeling. 
    • Consulted for Diageo as part of MSU's IBM Smart Project.
    • Predicting Crime Trends and within the City of Chicago--a project to mine and analyze historical crime data and community demographic data from the city of Chicago to analyze crime trends and predict future occurrences. The project utilized APIs to mine online data resources and various modeling tools to analyze the data.
  • Coursework: Introduction to Predictive Analytics, Computational Techniques for Large-Scale Data Analytics, Introduction to Statistics for Analytics, Communication Strategies for Analytics, Statistical Regression Methods I, Marketing Technology & Analytics, Social Network Analtyics, Business Topics in Analytics, Data Mining, Capstone Project in Applied Analytics. 

LegalRnD & ReInvent Law Course Work

  • 21st Century Law Practice Program: London 2014
  • E-Discovery
    • Presentation: Predictive Analytics for Electronic Discovery
  • Design Thinking for Legal Services
  • Delivering Legal Services: New Legal Landscape
  • Litigation: {Data, Theory, Process, Practice}
  • Entreprenurial Lawyering

Lean Portfolio

  • Pursuing AME/SME/Shingo Lean Bronze Certification
  • Completed Lean knowledge exam requirements
  • "Delivering Legal Services" workshop, a hands-on, 14-hour workshop focused on the business of law, lean for legal, and project management.
  • "Legal Lean: How to Think and Act Like a Startup" workshop
  • Reading List: Lean Thinking, Lean Production Simplified, Learning to See, Gemba Kaizen, Lean Analytics

Design Thinking

  • Participated in a Design Challenge designing business solutions for an insurance defense law firm and a major regional insurance company claims department.
  • White Paper: Designing for Legal Services

Legal Writing & Legislative Drafting

  • Closed Legal Memorandum: Trademark Likelihood of Confusion
  • Open Legal Research Memorandum: Copyright Fair Use
  • Appellate Brief: Defamation, 2014 Donald Nystrom Best Brief Competition Finalist
  • Original Legislative Drafting Exercises: Academic Honesty & Child Care regulations


Additional work samples available upon request.